The TENILLE range of luxury boutique candles was born out of a lifelong love affair with the beautiful and indulgent.

This elegant collection is the brainchild of Tasmanian hotelier Tenille Stacey Pentland who, having witnessed first-hand the abilities of scent in bolstering the well-being of guests, subscribes steadfast to the belief that a beautiful interior can be infinitely enhanced by a gorgeous aroma weaving delicately through the space.
The TENILLE range is all about simple, harmonious designs, coupled with fine fragrances, offering affordable luxury and understated elegance. Each candle is created with love, each chalice elegantly encasing fine and exotic aromas. The result is something incredibly special. Candles infused w
The result is something incredibly special. Candles infused with the most exquisite aromas sit within copper, brass and stainless steel bowl-shaped cases that are unique, stylish and very much on-trend. With metallic finishes, slick straight edges and sultry smooth curves, this sexy selection just oozes chic.
TENILLE’s varied and sophisticated range of scents comprises classic favourites and innovative, new aromas. Sultry black leather and patchouli at night time, invigorating grapefruit and blood orange in the morning … the collection has something to evoke the entire myriad of emotions, suit all personalities and fulfil all desires.

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